Youth Fellowship

YF is for young people from high school age up. We meet every Sunday night from 8.15pm to 9.30pm,
from September through to the end of May in our church hall fellowship room.
If you are interested in joining us take a look at what we got up to last year
and please come along or let one of the leaders know: 

We had a great year last year at YF with 20-30 young people typically at each meeting
as well as our weekend to Ballymena and walkies in June time.
We had our usual varied programme of mission nights, 'Table' Bible studies (a bit like table quiz),
'the story of my life', topic nights, Café 180 and even an overnighter in Mullartown House,
DVD nights & a quiz night.  We also enjoyed a "grub crawl" organised by James McConnell.  
Thank you to all those who provided the delicious food and to those families who welcomed us into their homes.
We have planned an even more exciting year this year which involves you the members taking more part in all of our activities.
With Ice breakers and extra involvement of young people, youth fellowship finishes at 9.30pm
to ensure we definitely have that 15 mins of extra fellowship (and food) at the end of each night.
Our theme is Heroes of Faith and we hope that we can all be encouraged in our faith and love of Jesus this year!
We are always open to ideas from you the members,
and we really hope that we will see new members along this year,
especially if you are just starting High School!
 Cranfield Walk