Explorers meet in the Main Hall each Monday 4.30-6.00pm and if you are in P2-P4 you will be very welcome to join us to learn more about God, do baking, crafts games etc.


Uniform: Navy Tunic, Red Jumper or White Blouse, Red Tights or White Ankle Socks & White Plymsoles


Explorers’ Leaders:

Sandra Lowry
Stephanie Moore-Archer
Alison McConnell
Ethel McCOnnell
Ruth McConnell
Caitlin Cunningham
Rebecca McConnell



Explorers’ Badgework

God’s Book: GB Scripture Course – ‘Journey with Moses’

Exploring: A walk to the shore – Gather shells to make crafts

Self & Service: Water: Uses of water, What lives in water, How to save water, Countries with little water
                      People who care for us: First Aider, Fire Fighter, Nurse

Talents & Tasks: Harvest Apple Tree Display, Autumn Leafy Jars, Design a T-Shirt Competition for GBNI, Christmas cards,
                         Valentine Crats, Iced Biscuits, Chocolate Apples, Christmas Shortbread, Pancakes, Pizza

Activities: Hip Hop, Team Games, Parachute Games, Water Games

Riches: Doodle Prayer, Singing, Making Musical Insruments