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So much of our day-to-day life is shaped by the routines we have created.  We like our routines because they give us continuity and a sense of familiarity.  We like them because they give us fixed points in our day and in our week.  They also allow our home and work lives to flow in a managed way.  But when we simply go through life following one routine after another, it is possible for us to miss so much of what true life is.

Join us as we explore Life in Unexpected Places.  We will look and see where we find life in places all around us and what that has to teach us about life in all its fullness, life in Christ.

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We all want to be happy.  Why is lasting happiness so hard to find?  Life Explored is a seven week course that looks into what Christianity is all about and what it means to know lasting happiness and hope in Jesus Christ.  Sign up below if you are interested in being part of this course.  It will begin on Thursday 15 April at 8.00pm via Zoom.  After you sign-up you will get an email with further details.