Sunday17 June 2018



11.30 am

Rev Jack Drennan



7.00 pm

Rev Ken Patterson





8.00 pm

Church Committee Meeting





7.45 pm

Men's Night dinner in Kilmorey Arms Hotel





Next Sunday




11.30 am

Rev George McClelland



7.00 pm

Rev Stephen Johnston





Other Announcements




17 June Ruth C. Janine U, Adele B, Louise O 24 June Diane F, Karen S, Jacqueline H, Sarah H

Children's Church

Cunningham Room: 17 June Karen M, Alison McC, Julie McC, Sarah/Anna H 24 June Alison McC, Leonora C, Julie McC, Katie G




Please note that the morning services during July & August will be at the earlier time of 11am




We have placed a Prayer Box in the vestibule. If you have a request for the Elders' Prayer Meeting on Sunday mornings you can place it in the box. All requests will be treated confidentially.




This year's Holiday Bible Club will be running from Monday 23 July - Friday 27 with a family service on Sunday 29 July. We are looking for volunteers to help either actively or just supervising so even if you can only spare one morning in the week please contact Grace Martin 07751768811




Teen Bible Adventure will take place from Monday 23 July - Friday 27, everyone starting secondary school in September & above will be made most welcome.

Junior Sunday School term starts Sunday 9 September DV. All children of nursery school and primary school age are welcome. Please let Karen 07715892952 or Leanne 07840674179 know if your child is planning to attend Sunday School for the first time this September.

Senior Sunday School Year 8 to Year 12 term starts Sunday 9 September DV Contact Philip on 07724266431