Sunday 16 September 2018

10.15 am

Junior & Senior Sunday Schools 

11.30 am

Rev Robin Quinn



7.00 pm

Rev Robin Quinn




 4.30 - 6 pm

Tinies & Explorers


Juniors, Seniors & Brigaders 

6-7 pm Anchor Boys (P1-P4)
7.30 pm Bowling Club
8.00 pm Kirk Session in Fellowship Room
8.00 pm Ladies Bible Study recommences in the Net Hall - Study 1. All ladies welcome, please plan to come.






Contact Group (mothers and toddlers). Come along and bring a friend.

8.00 pm 

Men's Night - Bowling in Church Hall. All men welcome.





7-8.30 pm

BB Junior Section (P5-P7) 

8.00 pm

Choir Practice

8.15 pm 

Badminton Club





7-9 pm

BB Company Section (high school) 



Next Sunday




11.30 am

Rev Jack Drennan



7.00 pm

Rev David Temple





Other Announcements




Sep 16 Iris G, Nicola G, Natalie G, Rebecca Mc Sep 23 Ruth C, Janine U, Adele B, Louise O

Children's Church

Cunningham Room: Sep 16 Leanne McC, Emma O, Ruth C, Bryannah McC Sep 23 Ruth C, Karen S, Rachel McC, Alex McC




We have placed a Prayer Box in the vestibule. If you have a request for the Elders' Prayer Meeting on Sunday mornings you can place it in the box. All requests will be treated confidentially.



The 'Let's Pray' leaflet is available each Sunday in the vestibule.


Our GB company are delighted to be hosting one of th GBNI 123th Anniversary Services on Sunday 30th September at 3.30 pm. This will be attended by Juniors, Seniors and Brigaders from all local companies and is open to all past members and leaders.




Kirk Session in Fellowship Room